About Us

As a leading provider of Zumba, dance & fitness classes, we take pride in offering the best party-like setting that will allow you to take a 60-minute escape from the the stress and worries of life. Party your way into the best shape of your life!

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. With two great locations to choose from and over 10,000 sqft of studio space we offer huge, dark dance floors and stage giving a VIP club atmosphere. Dancers and non-dancers alike immediately and easily master our classes. Previous dance or Zumba™ experience is not required. At Baila! we create a high-energy environment that is non-intimidating for new dancers or those who have previously hesitated to participate in group classes. At the same time, it is challenging for dancers and veteran exercisers as you set the pace! Our members enjoy the change of pace making them want to return again and again!



First time at Baila?

Bring your photo I.D and receive a FREE 3-Day VIP pass to try us out! (3 consecutive days of unlimited classes)

-Gift certificates available.

-VIP Membership $49/mo (Orig. $59/mo) Offer ends NOV 30th.